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Our Planes

We Design, Build, and Fly

From concept to creation, our team explores the art of engineering



The AeroDesign Team at the Critical Design Review (CDR) presenting the details of their 2023 plane design in preparation for the AIAA DBF competition 

cdr 2.png

A comparison of the 2022 VaxSCinator plane (top) with its CAD model (bottom).

transcformer cad_edited_edited.png

The CAD model of the 2023 Transcformer plane.



Rapid repairs to wing tubing at competition

carbon fiber.jpg

Wet layup manufacturing process

vax build.png

Layering of fiberglass into 3D printed mold

3d printer.jpg

3D printing of wing ribs


vaxscinator w clouds .png

VaxSCinator flying at the 2022 DBF competition in Wichita, Kansas

Test flight for TranSCformer in preparation for the 2023 DBF competition

flight team.png

Chief pilot and flight team RC aircraft training

flight test sunny.jpg

Preparing the aircraft for test flight

transcformer flying.png

TranSCformer flying at the 2023 DBF competition in Tuscon, Arizona

ground test 2.jpg

Loading 1272 lbs for the 2023 ground mission

in f light transcformer.png

Flight cam view of aircraft during test flight

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