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About Us

About Us

We Design, Build, and Fly

Fixed-Wing Glider
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Top 5 Finishes against > 100 teams


1st Place Wins

of aircraft produced and engineers trained



Team Profile

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Our team boasts a diverse group of innovative thinkers that continues to grow with over 50 active members

Additionally, for the first time in our team's history, we have reached gender parity amongst our leadership with 7 out of 14 leads identifying as female.

The Experience

Being a part of AeroDesign Team has numerous advantages for students:

  • They gain experience with designing, manufacturing, and testing a product in an engineering environment

  • They learn how to collaborate with a team and work towards a common goal

  • They are provided with opportunities to network with USC alumni and industry professionals

  • They practice verbal and written communication skills through weekly presentations and design reviews

  • They develop skills in project management with sub teams and task delegation

About DBF
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About DBF

Our team has been competing in the Design/Build/Fly competition for the past 25 years and has innovated new plane designs to satisfy the changing yearly competition requirements.

The Design/Build/Fly (DBF) competition is an international, intercollegiate design challenge hosted by the AIAA where students are tasked with designing, manufacturing, and testing a radio - controlled aircraft. The goal of the competition is to develop an aircraft that meets the design requirements while demonstrating acceptable flight handling and high performance.


Each year the AIAA releases a rigorous new mission profile to inspire innovation amongst participants that builds upon the technology of past years. This experience allows for their in -class knowledge to be applied in a real -world, hands -on setting and provides them with the ability to learn from others around the world before graduation.

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